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[UPDATED TUTORIAL!] How to vote for f(x) on Show Champion

So I made a tutorial for this last year but sadly, it’s outdated. So I made another one.

We’re gonna start by signing up on MBC Music.

I gotta thank MBC for making my work easier, this is foreigner-friendly and you won’t have issues signing up.

Once you got that down, you can go ahead and log in on the voting page (or not, I screen capped this version only haha)

then go ahead and vote (you can use the same voting page link i gave earlier)

The end!

Tutorial by hearteumi@functionlove.net, take out with credits!!!

f(x) on Crack

because why not

[DL] A Sims 3 Version of the Jung sisters’ house (as seen on their show)

Good God. This took me forever. 5 hours for the first one and 3 for the second. Why there are 2 versions, you ask? Because the whole house is so confusing I ended up making it mirrored and I also used a crap ton of stuff from different EPs, making it less accessible. So I made a second version but of course, I’ll include pictures of both.

Here’s an over-all look of the first version. All pics of this version are mirrored! (and heavily edited)

A little floor plan (not mirrored)

The rooms

Version 2! (all base game items and a little bit of CC)

Floor plan

And, of course, the rooms

DOWNLOAD | BTS Vid | Non-edited pics

아 다시 가고싶다ㅠㅠㅠ Take me back pls (at Vienna)

아 다시 가고싶다ㅠㅠㅠ Take me back pls (at Vienna)

I have tasted heaven

I have tasted heaven

Darts Master Sica

donghae861015: with my new M !!^^ http://instagram.com/p/pF4R3Ml8Ht/

when jongin takes over kris' part in growl

cho kyuhyun + pastels

jung soojung bragging